The secure boat compound located in Eastney.

Secure Boat Compound in Eastney.

Our boat compound is adjacent to the public slipway in Langstone Harbour about a half a mile to the open sea. So no long slow preambles before you can get underway to your fishing marks.

A high definition CCTV system with IR illumination protects the compound 24 hours a day and is monitored remotely by designated members of the committee who will raise the alarm if there is a breach of security.

The compound is equipped with; a tug and winch for launching and retrieval of your boat, a hoist / gantry for hull maintainance, a live sand eel tank with pumped fresh sea water and a cabin which has fridge, freezer for bait and basic kitchen facilities.

We run the compound on a self help basis via regular working parties which usually involve a lot of friendly banter and even more tea drinking!!


Download and print our membership form. Once completed, please drop in at the clubhouse.

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